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Consider the following situations:
  • You are about giving a presentation and connect the projector to your laptop; suddenly everybody start laughing, and you realize you are duplicating (instead of extending) your desktop in the projector, with a very embarrassing picture as background.
  • You are very sober to have any inappropriate picture as background, but you are a bit lazy to arrange your working documents in folders, and your desktop is full of them; same as before, you connect the projector assuming it will show your extended desktop, but the audience ends by looking all your private working documents spread over the screen.
  • You are in the middle of your presentation and an instant messenger window pop ups, with a joking message from one of your coworkers.
  • You have been talking for a while on a single presentation slide and the screen saver decides to do his work by turning the screen (and the projected image) out.
Have you ever faced one of these situations? If so, or if you want to prevent them, Giving a Presentation is for you.

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